Saturday, July 30, 2016

Quilt Block 2 - a little delayed


Well, it's been a little longer than a week (more like a month) since my last post. Regardless, I'm back!

It's been a busy month. I've been to several doctors' appointments. I've gotten a string of x-rays taken and a couple of MRI's, as well. Lucky me. On the positive side, I've also gotten another block done for Maggie's First Dance BOM. I took a few pictures along the way so that you could see what I did.

As you can see, I chose to embroider the center block again. I also added another insect, a butterfly this time. Not only do I think this is adorable, but it also makes it just a little more personal.

My daughter did all the cutting for this entire series of blocks last month and I don't know if she cut a little too close or if my 1/4" seam allowance is a little too generous, but regardless, some of my blocks seem a bit smaller than I think they were supposed to be. It sure is cute, though, isn't it?

I haven't decided if I'll assemble this as a quilt or a wall hanging, yet. I'm sort of leaning towards a wall hanging with just the 4 blocks so that I can hang it up in my sewing room and see how far I've come... We'll see.

Until next time...
Stay Safe,
Mama Higgins

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

My First Block! A Success Story

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I hope everyone had a good Fourth of July weekend. I know I did. I spent most of the weekend working on my first block. In my last post I talked about participating in a BOM called Maggie's First Dance. By  the way, they are still taking sign-ups, if anyone wants to join!! :) Anyways, I got my first block done just in time for them to release block # 2. Below is a picture of my finished Block 1 - Cute, right?

Of course, there were a few hiccups along the way. My wheelchair and my table don't get along, so I had to do everything at a TV tray in my recliner... that made things a bit awkward, but I figured it out, with some help from my daughter, and only minimal blood shed! LOL! 

I was about three-quarters of the way done with cutting my fabric on my make-shift table when I, apparently, pushed down too hard on my rotary cutter, because it decided to close... with my thumb in the way. It was a less than pleasant experience. I believe the air may have turned blue for a moment due to the expletives that escaped. My daughter ran to the bathroom for a washcloth and some bandages, but the cut was deep and didn't want to stop bleeding. Sorry, the picture is a little fuzzy.

Needless to say she insisted on finishing my cutting for me. Bless her heart. She also did the ironing for the rest of the night and the following day. I guess you could say that without her I wouldn't have been able to finish!

I'm going to give my thumb a few days to heal, but then I think I'm going to make a mat for under my sewing machine to help keep things organized. Jenny over at Missouri Star Quilt Company (don't you just love her??) has great little tutorial on one that I think I'm going to use. I've watched it 3 or 4 times and it looks fairly simple. You should be able to find the video here: Sewing Machine Pad.

That's all for now, so until next time...
Stay Safe,
Mama Higgins